Projectleider Sinar Pelangi

Projectleider Sinar Pelangi

Sinar Pelangi is a shelter, workshop and outpatient clinic for people with disabilities. Patients come to Sinar Pelangi from all over Indonesia for help. It often involves complicated treatments that require a lot of time for cure and rehabilitation. In the meantime, these patients remain on Sinar Pelangi.

In addition, Sinar Pelangi has three workshops: a candle maker, woodworking and a sewing workshop. Here people are trained so that they learn to learn and learn a subject with their disabilities.

Sinar Pelangi will ask a medical team once or twice a year to go to areas where there are few medical facilities (such as Sulawesi or Sumba) to help patients with a hazel lip or open palate. Werkgroep ’72 contributes financially to the treatments of patients and to medical trips.

In addition, Werkgroep ’72 stimulates work in the workplaces by purchasing products.

As a project leader, you maintain contact with the sister Andre. You are aware of the progress and progress of sponsored parts in particular. You visit Sinar Pelangi about 4x a year and investigates and discusses new needs.