What can you do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer you can do various things within Werkgroep ’72. Depending on the time you want to insert, you can occasionally go to a project or use more structurally, such as project manager, commissioner or board member. It is also possible to use one or more projects based on your knowledge and skills. This includes supporting an organization when designing a business plan, giving architectural advice, providing a management training, etc.

For more information about the projects, Werkgroep ’72 or for an explanation of the vacancies: contact us. If you believe that you can support Werkgroep ’72 on a different level than mentioned in the above vacancies, then we will be pleased to hear that.


Werkgroep ’72 works with local organizations and our project leaders coordinate our help with these organizations. As a projectmanager, you regularly visit the project and you have eyes and ears for the board. Depending on your available time, interest and expertise, you can further expand the role of projectmanager.

Board member

The Board of Werkgroep ’72 is responsible for the day-to-day work of Werkgroep ’72. The board is jointly responsible for recruiting and binding volunteers, preparing, treating and monitoring applications, sponsoring sponsorships, selecting potential new local organizations, maintaining sponsorship contacts and recruiting new sponsors and writing The social and financial annual report. In addition, each member of the board is a project holder of a number of projects. In this role you act as a contact point for the project leaders and you are responsible for the submission and administration of applications in the board meeting. We strive to execute all executive functions in Duo. As a result, there is sufficient transfer in case a board member resigns his / her duties.

Product commission

Werkgroep ’72 has developed and sold a number of products during Werkgroep ’72 meetings, activities of the Dutch Club in Jakarta or, for example, in markets and bazaars. As a member of the Product Committee, you work on the market and bazaar once a year and are responsible for the development of new products.