Medical care


Yayasan DARE Foundation is an independent non-profit organization and has existed since 2012. DARE is a local foundation that provides high-quality prostheses and ortheses for the poorest people of the population for free. DARE is part of a larger program in Jakarta, which sets up the entire chain for prosthetics according to international norms. By developing the commercial branches, DARE Premium and Meraki, DARE eventually hopes to be able to achieve its goal independently of gifts.

After the start of the DARE Foundation, Werkgroep ’72 has helped with the purchase of instruments for the manufacture of prostheses and orthoses. The past period has been the development of a business plan to work towards an independent survival of the organization. In addition, DARE is being helped to build a strong network that contributes to further development.

In addition to ongoing assistance to the DARE Foundation, short-term protocols for physiotherapy will be launched. This is important because for the people who are being helped by measuring a prosthesis or orthosis, DARE is the beginning of the help. In principle, people will remain patient at DARE for many years. They will have to learn how to handle their prosthesis after the measurement. By using the prosthesis and orthosis, patients will need physical therapy for a long time. Not only because of the use of the prosthesis but also because their entire body will adapt and change by use. DARE will continue to help people as long as they use the prosthesis or orthosis. This can be by performing repairs, adjustments or replacement. In future, these activities will also have to look at how this can be financed.

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Weekly, a number of volunteers are working on the childhood cancer department of state hospital Dharmais. The children in this department spend a lot of time in the hospital. The provision of distraction is therefore extra important and contributes to the healing process.

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Lentera Anak Pelangi

The organization Lentera Anak Pelangi (LAP) has been trying since 2008 to mitigate the consequences for children with HIV and their parents. Living in poor conditions, with HIV, is difficult for children and their parents / guardians. The vast majority of children have HIV or AIDS, but other children are also helped. For example, children with learning difficulties or who are being bullied. For the approximately 90 children that LAP assists, as much as possible is done to remove them from the stigma. Their mission is to improve the health and psychosocial well-being of children and families.


This is done globally in three different ways:

  • A case manager comes to the children’s home about twice a month. The families live in poor conditions. The case manager checks, among other things, whether the medication is still being taken (properly), but most of all there is talk. During home visits it is all about “social care”: encouraging and supporting.
  • Support group: all families that are supported by one case manager come together once a month. Experiences are shared there.
  • Monthly free health check at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta. In addition to the actual health check, they are thematic meetings for the children and their loved ones.

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Yayasan Mari Cintai Kanak Kanak

This organization was founded in 2003 and supports children with cancer at several hospitals in Jakarta.

Yayasan Mari Cintai Kanak Kanak (YMCKK) works closely with a number of doctors who can indicate what is needed to help different children. Monthly a budget is drawn up per hospital. The expenses are checked afterwards.

YMCKK primarily helps children fall into the lowest BPJS class 3 (the medical insurance offered since 2014), or have no insurance. Not everyone registers, or is able to pay this amount. Also not all medication or treatments are compensated by the BPJS. Some specific medicines are not reimbursed and per class of the BPJS insurance there is a limit on the amount that can be spent per hospital. If there is no insurance, there is a waiting period after registration by BPJS of two weeks. Children with cancer cannot wait for it; The earlier the treatment begins, the greater the chance of cure. This period is bridged with YMCKK’s money. The doctors at the various hospitals are the eyes and ears of YMCKK. They indicate which children need help. The doctors themselves apply for YMCKK, for example, for the purchase of infusion pumps, which help to administer medication evenly.

Werkgroep ’72 supports YMCKK through a fixed quarter contribution.

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Sinar Pelangi

Yayasan Sinar Pelangi is a shelter, workshop and outpatient clinic for people with a disability. The whole is founded and is run by the Dutch sister André. Patients come to Sinar Pelangi from all over Indonesia for help. Patients are also referred to other hospitals. It often involves complicated treatments that require a lot of time for cure and rehabilitation.

In the meanwhile, these patients remain on Sinar Pelangi. For children, they can see how they can get appropriate training between treatments. In addition, Sinar Pelangi has three workshops: a candle maker, woodworking and a sewing workshop. Here people are trained so that they learn to learn and learn a subject with their disabilities.

Sinar Pelangi leaves a medical team once or twice a year to areas where there are few medical facilities (such as Sulawesi or Sumba) to help patients with a cleft lip or open palate. Werkgroep ’72 contributes financially to patient and medical treatment.

In addition, Werkgroep ’72 encourages work in the workplaces due to the decline of products.

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Yayasan Bruder Glorieux

Yayasan Bruder Glorieux is a small clinic in Bogor for people from the surrounding kampung. In addition to tuberculosis and tuberculosis (TBC) assistance, the clinic also has other medical functions such as medical checks and blood tests. The government subsidy is insufficient, which requires support for the purchase of medical instruments. Medications are often reimbursed by the government.

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Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia

Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia (YKAKI) has been set up as an example of the Ronald Mc Donald houses and is aimed at staying with children with cancer and a parent during their treatments. The headquarters are located in Jakarta. In the meanwhile, YKAKI has another 7 locations spread throughout Indonesia. In the homes (Rumah Kita) and hospitals that work together, they offer training so that the training can continue during the treatment period. Werkgroep ’72 supported YKAKI, among other things, by funding information for children about cancer and its treatment. The layout of 25 sleep units for the new property in Jakarta. And by mediation for sponsorship in kind on behalf of different parties.

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Klinik Ibu Teresa

Klinik Ibu Teresa is a clinic that provides the following services in the suburbs of Depok:

  • General outpatient services for the poor
  • Maternal and child health: pregnancy control, immunization and family planning
  • Emergency Assistance, and other medical emergencies
  • Caring for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus with complications gangrene / disease diabetics
  • Provisional care for patients from poor families who can not afford to pay for hospital allowances, or who are refused in their hospitals because of their poverty

In the past few years, Werkgroep ’72 has financed medical equipment.

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