Kampung Kids

Yayasan Kampung Kids gives poor families a chance for a better future. Kampung Kids has various programs at different locations (Kampung Kids Community Centers) for the people around, including health and education. They help more than 1,000 women and children.

Werkgroep ’72 has been funding a warm meal for older women who have no family to fall back in the Pejaten district for a few years, once a week. These women also get a sports lesson to stay in condition. There are about 50 women involved in this.

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Pusaka 74

Pusaka 74 is an organization that supports disadvantaged elderly. They offer food to the elderly and give the opportunity to socialize, pray together and read the Quran. Pusaka 74 uses these opportunities to check the wellbeing of the elderly. They also offer food to people who are not capable of going to Pusaka 74 themselves.

Werkgroep ’72 finances since 2019 a warm meal once per week for +/- 100 elderly.




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Tresna Budi Mulia 3

Tresna Budi Mulia 3 (TBM3) is one of the four government funded care homes in Jakarta. TBM3 has approximately 350 residents (+/- 80 men and 225 women), divided into four categories:

  1. People who are completely independent and live in separate homes;
  2. People who reside in dormitories in the care home, but are capable of taking care of themselves;
  3. A Total Care unit where people are being taken care off;
  4. A psychiatric unit.


Werkgroep ’72 visits the care home twice per month on Monday morning. During these visits activities are being performed with a group of around six residents. These are usually patients of the Total Care unit, but other residents are welcome to join. Werkgroep ’72 brings their own games and materials. During these activities the residents are also given a free drink and snack.

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Rumah Singgah

Forum Komunikasi Waria Indonesia Rumah Singgah is an organization that is founded by Mami Yuli in the Kampung in Depok. This organization supports older waria’s (transgenders who are originally men) in Indonesia. Rumah Singgah offers shelter and contact with other waria’s. People can reside here permanently or temporarily. The women come to Rumah Singgah from all over the country. Besides shelter, Rumah Singgah also gives a free meal to +/- 35 women. It has its own salon with which they can generate their own income. The Catholic church sometimes pays for medication and funerals. Rumah Singgah also has a collaboration with the Atma Jaya University. Women can  a psychologist there.


Werkgroep ’72 sponsors one meal per week. Werkgroep ’72 also donates second hand clothing, shoes etc. on a regular basis.

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