Help on different levels

Werkgroep ’72 specializes in education for children, medical care, care of street children and the elderly.

In addition, in special cases, Werkgroep’72 also provides emergency assistance in Jakarta. This assistance is given on the basis of “own” perception of the situation and in consultation with local (neighborhood) representation (RT/RW) or an organization that is locally active in emergency aid. The purpose of emergency relief is to restore normal living conditions as quickly as possible. In most cases, after Jakarta, emergency aid comes after a flood after heavy rainfall. In these cases, assistance is often limited and often aimed at cleaning, preventing diseases, and to a limited extent providing food and drink. Other forms of emergency relief take place after large-scale fires or other types of emergency weather such as storm or earthquake. Depending on the situation, there will be a look at what assistance is needed and whether it fits into the possibilities of the Werkgroep ’72.