Werkgroep ’72 has developed and sold a number of products during Werkgroep ’72 meetings, activities of the Dutch Club in Jakarta or, for example, in markets and bazaars. Of course, the products can also be ordered via The proceeds of the products largely go directly to the projects.

At the moment we have the following products for sale:

Cookbook “Indonesian Food”

Werkgroep ’72 has added a new product to her product range: an (English) cookbook with 35 authentic Indonesian recipes. The cookbook was made by volunteers and the proceeds will be fully used for the projects of Werkgroep ’72. Price IDR 200,000

The Jakarta Memory Game

Photographer Hanneke Mennens photographed, completely interestless, catchy images of Jakarta and created a memorandum together with the most beautiful photographs for Werkgroep’72 . A game that will appeal to many warm memories of Jakarta. Price 100,000 IDR.

The Jakarta Quartet

In cooperation with NOOX a Jakarta version of the Dutch quartet game has been developed. With happy drawings of everyday street images, animals and other recognizable things for Jakarta. The rules are included in Dutch and English. Suitable for 2-4 players aged 5 years and over. Price 100,000 IDR.

Black and white picture cards

Black and white picture cards (17 x 12 cm) of our projects. A set consists of 6 different cards including envelopes. Price IDR 25.000.

Dutch postcards

Small postcards (10×8 cm) with Dutch prints. A set consists of 6 cards in 3 different designs including envelopes. Price IDR 25.000.

Indonesian postcards

Small postcards (10×8 cm) with Indonesian prints. A set consists of 6 cards in different colours including envelopes. Price IDR 25.000.

Coconut candle holder

This coconut candle holder is made by disabled people at Yayasan Sinar Pelangi, one of the projects Werkgroep ’72 supports. Price IDR 120.000.

Temporarily available!