COVID-19 has also reached Indonesia. On April 8 there are 2738 confirmed cases and 221 confirmed deaths.

The precautions promoted by WHO, i.e. washing hands and social distancing, are not accessible for certain groups in Jakarta. Jakarta consists of many ‘kampungs’ in which the less fortunate hardly have access to clean (drinking) water and lack physical space to apply social distancing or the work from home policy. Besides the health risk, no income for day laborers means no food. The people that we support through our projects all live in these neighbourhoods.

The government is aware of the problematic situation in the kampungs and has initiated several measures to support these people, e.g. a monthly allowance of 600.000 IDR (40 euro) per family. Although more families can claim this allowance, it’s still not enough.

We are a small organization and limited in our possibilities for support. However, that does not mean that we will do nothing. With our current network we can make a difference for individual people and families. During this crisis we will reach out to our projects and keep close taps: what do they need and what can we offer them?

Recently we were able to help 100 families with basic (food) supplies, due to the donation of a generous local sponsor. The projects that we support offer the necessary infrastructure to reach the families in need. As more families need help, we would like to do more of these initiatives.

To be able to support more families with basic supplies, we need your help. We would be very thankful if you could make a donation, so we can continue supporting less fortunate families and keep them healthy and fed. Small contributions can make a big difference.

Please click here to make a donation.

The danger of the current situation does not only lie in health risks. No income means no food for a lot of people. Hunger and fear can lead to rebellions. Everyone is on the look for more food. Distribution of food could lead to health risks (think social distancing), but there is also the risk that (too) many people come together, which could lead to unrest. This should be prevented.

When the current situation has settled down, we will make a report about our efforts and results. We will not publish a lot of pictures to prevent more unrest. We will use our existing network and reliable foundations.