About us


Werkgroep¬†’72 was founded in 1972 on the initiative of a number of active expat partners. During the time they lived in Jakarta, they started various relief projects in the city of Jakarta and the immediate area. To ensure that the projects could continue on their departure, they set up Werkgroep ’72. Since then, there has always been an enthusiastic group of volunteers to continue the work. These are mostly Dutch and Belgians who (temporarily) live in Jakarta and, to a lesser extent, Indonesians who speak Dutch.

Over the years, the shape of our aid has changed. Mostly due to the fact that the changing regulatory regulations from the government make it are no longer necessary. In recent years, education and medical facilities have changed a lot. For example, a healthcare system was established in 2014, the BPJS which is accessible to many Indonesians. Unfortunately, all medications and treatments are not always compensated. Also, not everyone can sign up because many people do not have a birth certificate and thus do not exist on paper.

The same goes for education. For example, in the early years, we also fund primary education. Today, primary and secondary education is often funded by the government and this form of aid has largely disappeared. Unfortunately, not all courses are reimbursed and not everyone is eligible for an allowance. We will, where possible, help the children who are outside these government regulations.

Volunteers are working or they have experience in a particular field of study. We try to use this expertise as much as possible. This includes drawing up business plans, protocols, management training and giving architectural advice.