Mitra Netra

Yayasan Mitra Netra is a blind institute, founded in 1991, which focuses on improving the social position and quality of life of blind people in and around Jakarta. They provide different services for people with visual impairments.

There is, among other things, an extensive library for borrowing both braille books and speeches. This digital library is connected to a national network. In addition, there is an internet information center where blind people can make free use of them.

At the institute, computer courses are also regularly given to stimulate use. In addition, there is an opportunity to play (play) music or follow drama lessons. Mitra Netra also accompanies blind students who go to school and visit the institute schools to support them in the guidance of blind or sighted children.

Werkgroep ’72 provides financial support from time to time for the purchase of, for example, braille paper and repairs to the building. Also, each year is helped by typing books and making them available for their digital library.

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De Inspiration Factory Foundation

The Inspiration Factory Foundation aims to inspire children from 6-11 years, and to reflect on their future and dreams, through a unique teaching method.

They do this by offering 2 hours a week lesson in different locations in Jakarta besides regular education. Locations, such as neighborhood centers, can sign up for the program, and staff members receive a training session several times a year so they can teach themselves. In addition, there are volunteers from The Inspiration Factory available for support during the lessons. What makes the lesson program special is that topics that are not or hardly discussed during regular education are discussed and that these themes are being conveyed in an inspiring way to the children. Here you can think of pop shows, role-playing and watching inspiring videos. Every ten weeks there is another theme at the center: think about the themes career, family, norms and values, your body, your dreams. In a Dreambox, all the materials that are needed for a year-long education are in one place. The Dreambox is co-composed by a team of child psychologists. Financial support is required to pay for a Dreambox with teaching material per location.

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XS Project

XS-Project was set up by an American who wanted to reduce waste on the one hand and wanted to improve the life of the trashpickers on the other hand.

Trashpickers get paid for waste that is not recycled elsewhere and is therefore not collected. XS-Project buys this and makes all kinds of products such as bags, laundry baskets and cool boxes.

From the profit they pay school fees for the children of this trashpickers community in Cirendeu.

However, the yield of the products is not enough for the financing of all school fees.

Currently 89 children are participating in the scholarships program. Werkgroep ’72 funded from this education for 18 children in grade 9 to 12.

By letting them follow a course we hope to offer them a future with other work so that they do not have to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

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